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The Electrical Network Stability Challenge

Updated: May 25, 2021

One of the challenges to operating an electricity network is ensuring that power supply meets power demand. In the absence of power storage, which is usually expensive, the power production infrastructure must match the power demand by the aggregate of electricity users, at all times.

There are cases when balancing demand and supply can be very difficult: one case is when total power demand at certain times of the day exceeds total possible power supply; while the other, more recent problem is when renewable energy sources supply energy. Renewable energy resources like solar and wind, though abundant, are by nature intermittent, not giving a stable constant supply. The network stability challenge is formidable. It involves not only technical difficulties, but human lifestyles and livelihoods are embedded in the challenge.

We have been working on a solutions on a multiple front which, together with our partners, are we are working to implement. Have a look at Network Balancing under the Current Projects section of our homepage.

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